Classic Design Crystal Diamond Ring

  • $14.99 

Finally, The Perfect Diamond Ring!

Sailors have long used the moon's light to guide them across the vast ocean and bring them safely to foreign ports.

Our best-selling Classic Design Crystal Diamond Ring with the perfect pristine crystal will have your jaws drop from the moment you lay eyes on it. 


  • Perfect alternative ring if you already have a real diamond ring. If you already have a ring, this would the perfect ring to carry with you when you're on the go, and if anyone ends up stealing your gem, you'll still have your other ring at home safe and sound without ever worrying. 
  • Looks real. We just got our hot little hands on one and were shocked to find that instead of being totally junky, it's astonishingly pretty enough to wear if you're into that whole platinum, sparkly two-carat look.
  • Great accessory. This gorgeous ring is the perfect accessory to tie in to any style clothing. 

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